Potable Bidet

3 701 руб.


  • Brand New & Hight Quality
  • Japan Sanada
  • Made in Japan
  • Portable Baby Arse Cleaning Spray Bottle
  • Material: PP Resin
  • Size: Total length: 21.3cm, bottle height 11.3cm, caps: 10cm long, nozzle head: 6.5cm long
  • Capacity: 240ML
  • It is suitable for Women, Babies, Business Travelers & Hemorrhoids Patients etc.
  • Imported From Japan, good quality of  PP, suitable for cleaning baby arse or private parts of women.
  • Curved nozzle design, pressure spray bottle, spray water can be well controlled.
  • Efficient to use, do not waste water or cleaning agents.
  • Can good enough to clean the baby arse & private parts of women.


   Package Included:

  • 1 x Potable Bidet

   Packed with Bubble in Paper Envelope Bag.


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