Kao Success Men Medicated Shampoo Extra Cool S2 (380ml)

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Kao Success Men Medicated Shampoo Extra Cool S2 (380ml)

Japan Science and Technology R & D Microwash can hide in the hair follicles of the oil down into fine particles away from the pores and instant completely washed away.

Oil Control Wash fresh ingredients help prevent hair loss because hair follicles are blocked due to excess oil.

Silicon-free ingredients.

Unique Direct Touch design helps wash ingredients directly to the hair root, remove grease, shampoo while cleaning the scalp. Recipe does not hurt the scalp, directly on the scalp lather, more effective removal of oil accumulate in the hair follicles of dirt.

The pursuit of more cool refreshing feeling, can be used S2 Extra Cool Ingredient.


    Package Included:

  • 1pc x Japan Kao Success Medicated Shampoo (380ml)


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